New blog: Theoretical Computer Science

Quantum computing expert Joe Fitzsimons and I have just agreed to be co-editors of the brand-new blog Theoretical Computer Science, the community blog of the TCS question and answer site  The first post of the new blog is here.  The blog is hosted under the StackExchange network, and the graphic designer for StackExchange is expected to produce a blog theme in a few weeks.  Until then, the site will look sketchy, and we are still getting things up and running.  For example, the blog cannot process LaTeX yet, which limits our ability to publish technical posts.  I imagine we can get that resolved soon.

Our initial objective is to put out one to two posts per week: one post that is more “meaty,” by a contributor (i.e., not Joe or me!) that discusses a topic in some depth; and one post that is a review of activity on cstheory this week.  (Examples: these are the unanswered questions of the week; these are the editors’ choice of the most interesting answers to questions this week.)  We currently have commitments from four people to contribute to the blog, and we are actively looking for more participation.  Please email Joe or me, or add your name to the blog contributor  signup sheet, if you would like to be involved.  We would like to host expository material in all areas of theoretical computer science, and also more specialized discussions, that would primarily interest experienced researchers.

Edit: Math is now rendering; we appear ready to go.


4 responses to “New blog: Theoretical Computer Science

  1. Best of luck for you both.

  2. The launch of the community blog of the TCS question and answer site, is very pleasing. This will definitely bring positive impacts to all the interested people.

    Thanks for this.

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