I have been leaving comments (and sometimes guestposting) on theoretical computer science blogs over the past few years.  I have received mostly positive feedback, and some people have suggested that I start my own blog. 

I decided to take the plunge because of the wonderful examples of Richard Lipton and Terence Tao: they are able to use a blog as a tool in service of their research, instead of allowing it to be a time sink or procrastination device that distracts from what a scientist “should” be doing.  At a lower level, I will try to use my own blog in the same way.

All my life, I have tried to learn things by making up fake audiences or conversation partners, and then explaining what I am learning to my brand new imaginary friends.  (It might look as though I am talking to myself, but I’m not!  I’m talking to someone else, who isn’t there.)  I intend these blog entries to be short explanations of papers I have recently read, and scientific and mathematical concepts I am struggling with.  If this site attracts no readers, I’m in the same boat I was before — but if a real-life non-imaginary audience participates, I hope that forces me to elevate my understanding to a higher level that much faster.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you gain some understanding — or at least derive some enjoyment! — from my attempts to dispel my ongoing state of confusion.


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